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Cryogenic Simulations

The cryogenic dynamic process simulation consists in reproducing the evolution of temperatures, pressures and massflows in a cryogenic system over the time. To perform this kind of simuation, the process is modelled using an object-oriented approach where each component is first modelled indivividually in a generic way. Then, a set of components can be inter-connected between them to build a particualr cryogenic system.

Objectives of simulations

Dynamic simulation is a great tool to:

How do we simulate cryogenic processes at CERN ?

CERN is using a commercial modelling and simulation software called EcosimPro. Then, a commercial library dedicated to cryogenics called CRYOLIB (originally developed during my phD at CERN) provides the basic cryogenic equipment models with the fluid properties. Note that this library can be then easily modified and enlarged by users for specific models if needed.

The components of the CRYOLIB library in ecosimPro

To simulate the cryogenic system, actuators need to be manipulated by a equivalent control system. Two solutions can be used, depending on the simulation objectives: (1) Stand alone simulation in EcosimPro with simplified control embedded inside the model. (2) Couple the model to a copy of the real control system (PLC and supervision).

Examples of cryogenic process simulation performed at CERN:


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